Serendipity is me

Another great Zara sale find, I encountered last month - the midi skirt. My search for one had been going on for a while now,  and there it is, another necessary addition to Kristina's closet. Now on to the hunt for spring break pieces, which begins in just 3 weeks, can't wait.


Feel it in the air.

After New Year I begin to get a little tired of winter. January seems as this monotone, post-holiday month, not to mention the bipolar weather. One minute you walk out the door dressed lightly and then all of a sudden the temperature drops. Therefore tights, sweaters and jackets are currently absent from the comfortable surroundings of my closet and reside in my car. The light at the end of the tunnel is all the vibrant Spring '11 collections and magazines that are in full swing in preparation for the wonderful season, all stir my anticipation to a greater level. I've managed to make my first Spring purchase this week, which I shall demonstrate later. For now, a fur vest and skirt from Zara and an H&M blouse.


Meet me in Portofino.

As I strolled through the mall, late morning janurary 1st, in desparate last minute search for my mother's birthday gift, my feet just happened to walk me into Zara and distract me from the main focus, where I saw these pants. For someone who is not very tall and petite, the right length and proper fit of suit trousers is hard to find. Nevertheless, after countless attempts of finding a perfect pair, I gave these a try. The rest of the story is evident, plus a 60% discount. An interesting coincidence is that the present that I got for my mother was perfume called Escale a Potofino by Dior (and a spa treatment, in case she didn't fancy the perfume) as is the place where I first wore the pants after purchase. If we take a closer look of the first photo here it may so appear as if I'am throwing a peace sign out there. Peace sign or an invisible cigarette? Maybe playing rock, paper, scissors? Who knows.


The girl and the city.

As mentioned previously I had gone on a little vacation after vacation to New York, or vacation after an exhilirating and crazy winter break to be exact. Loved the cooler weather, the vibrant streets and of course all the favorite stores in bigger, triple floor versions as well as Topshop which I've never physically visited before. I found myself surrounded by millions of New Yorkers whose preferred winter hues seemed to be dark, most I saw dressed in black or navy, and a few in long fur coats. And what kept me warm? An H&M coat of a rebellious light beige color! Wish we had more colder days over here so I could utilize it more but for now New York gave me that opportunity, with a camel sweater underneath too.

And here's one of my favorite songs about New York (kind of) by The Kills.


2011, It's here!

Celebration of New Year went wonderful in the company of my friends. The party lasted from 9PM to 6AM and even by then I felt like I had the energy to go on longer. After all, New Year is my favorite holiday of the year. After about 5 hours of sleep, I had to rush over to my parents' house because it just so happens that my lovely mother's birthday is on the 1st. Altough a bit tired with a combination of a headache, I managed to last through that celebration as well. I still haven't given up on new year's resolutions either, love the beginning of 2011, I see it as a fresh new, mint, white, fresh slate. Now, I shall begin packing for a little trip to NY.