Meet me in Portofino.

As I strolled through the mall, late morning janurary 1st, in desparate last minute search for my mother's birthday gift, my feet just happened to walk me into Zara and distract me from the main focus, where I saw these pants. For someone who is not very tall and petite, the right length and proper fit of suit trousers is hard to find. Nevertheless, after countless attempts of finding a perfect pair, I gave these a try. The rest of the story is evident, plus a 60% discount. An interesting coincidence is that the present that I got for my mother was perfume called Escale a Potofino by Dior (and a spa treatment, in case she didn't fancy the perfume) as is the place where I first wore the pants after purchase. If we take a closer look of the first photo here it may so appear as if I'am throwing a peace sign out there. Peace sign or an invisible cigarette? Maybe playing rock, paper, scissors? Who knows.


  1. Wow, these photos are so amazing! The backgrounds are just so captivating and beautiful. The houses!

    Your outfit is so chic too...the pants, jacket, heels...love it all!

  2. nice shoes!


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