Happy New Year!

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For me at has been a pleasant and eventful year with many important accomplishments! May 2011 bring happiness, joy and everything chic to all of you!


The coat

After anticipating for quiet a while for the temperatures to drop so I can put this baby to use, it finally occurred. The H&M coat gets a lot of stares, and a fraction of those are followed by compliments. Since I've purchased it back in august and only now has the time come, I cannot stop wearing it. I have also realized that it actually looks much better unbelted, the form is flattering as it is and the lack of belt gives it a more effortless/minimal feel. The belt adds a touch of feminine elegance but I happen to fancy the art of effortless. As for more northern locations, it's probably not thick enough to withstand the weather unless you layer it properly with something warm underneath, I guess I'll have to test it out next week on a trip to NY.


Subtropical Winter

Since the Lanvin for H&M collection came out a little before this blog, I should tell you how my rampage for the desired pieces went. It was saturday, and surely I ignored my alarm clock which was supposed to make me be there on time before H&M opened (at 10AM). I woke up late, got ready pretty fast and got there around 12. Fortunetly I managed to get a hold of 2 of the 3 items which I really wanted from the lookbook. The skirt was the last one hanging there and when I grabbed it to try in the fitting room I prayed that I would be able to squeeze into a size 2. Somehow (and I have no clue how), it did! What I also got was the tuxedo blazer which is yet to be photographed. I have also glimpsed the collection on ebay, the sky high prices of every item broke my heart. I kind of wish I had also gotten the orange ruffle dress, had I made the wise decision not to oversleep.
The outfit, is a mixture of textures within the same color palette as you see. Whimsical, light beige skirt with a plain white tee and a light brown sweater. I admit that lately I've been pretty much living in these tights and really need new ones. Hope everyone's winter and festivites are going well! XX


Merry Christmas!

Whether you've accidently stumbled upon my blog, returning or followng. Whether you're celebrating with family, friends or significant other. Whether in Europe, in US, in Canada or anywhere else may all of you have a very special Christmas and Happy Holidays! More photos and deliberation on the outfit later, for now, Kristina and the lower half of a gorgeous Christmas tree. The obvious ack of snow, those located more up North don't know how jealous I'am. XX


I don't want a lot for Christmas...

What I usually put on my wishlist are items that I wouldn't typically get for myself although if it so occurs that I recieve them as gifts I would absolutely adore them. For instance, the fujifilm instax I would love to own one as well as pretty much any vintage camera remake, the whimsical gold bar clutch would make a great addition to a party outfit and keep things interesting (imagine the model wearing the dress holding it - works!), the Womanity perfume which I adore the scent of but due to owning so many others refrain from purchasing. Pamela Love talon cuff is out of my reach, and out of reach for any gift giver of mine...but one can lust. The Litas are a banal item for wishlisting, you either own them and love them or they are on your wishlist as well. The KNT dress is chic and simple, and it's there because it is versatile, can easily be transformed from day to night and also because I have a soft spot for Kova & T.

Matt Bernson Gold Bar Clutch, KNT by Kova & T Ponte Violet Dress, Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Lace-Up Heel in taupe, Womanity by Thierry Mugler perfume.


Still not over you.

As time has passed, I've found myself still lusting over the Alexander Wang denim and leather jacket back from Spring 2009. Even now on sale at $416.50 on net-a-porter is just a little bit beyond my spending limit. What I'am settling for is my leather H&M jacket and the denim go to shirts, of which I own two (vintage, and this one f21). The combo of denim and leather with sweatpants and what may look like the A.Wang coco duffel bag, is actually a bag from Asos, make this pretty much a total Alexander Wang look. Nevertheless, that jacket would have made everything look a 1000 times better, not to mention more true to Wang's vision of the grungy and athletic edge goodness.XX


It was about time.

I had my eye on this Silence & Noise blazer for a while, anticipating for the camel color to be restocked and finally, I managed to order it. The shoes, are the closest I will probably ever get to liking the clog style. Although the backless style is not something I would typically pursue, the style of these is perfect. Also recieved a pair of vintage Levi's cutoffs, but was dissapointed to realize that I underestimated my size. As you see my collection of camel colored pieces is adding up, but it is a pleasant shade somewhere near nude, a perpetual it-color. With my last exam out of the way, I'am finally done for the semster, and more than ready to begin my winter break!XX


Chilly afternoon.

The Canon SLR has worked its magic today, though we're still figuring out all of it's functions and possibilities. I wore my shiny F21 blazer with a vintage denim shirt and UO skirt. I was looking for something sparkling for dressing up or down, and decided to omit senquins then just happened to encounter this blazer realizing it's the ideal subtle, shiny yet playful piece. The weather has been wonderful this week, I take advantage of it for the ability to layer and actually wear my blazers and jackets, before it returns to being hot and humid again. The holiday spirit is crawling into me more and more every day, building up the excitement for holidays, winter break and the year 2011. Also got a little something in the mail, expect more outfit post this week!


Camel skirt and leather jacket.

A bit of a pause after the first post. I was hoping to get a hold of my Canon SLR, before making any outfit posts. However, I have only gotten a hold of right now as I type, and by a few test shots I did indoors I can already see a huge difference between my SLR and point and shoot. The weather here is quiet chilly, for a change,and I'am fully enjoying it.
I wore my new Zara skirt, which I'am particularly fond of. The camel color, the style, the fabric that doesn't wrinkle, I already thought of at least 10 other ways to wear it. The jacket which I have bought last Spring, out of season and on sale, doubting whether it would be revelent around this time but I'am however still very much into it and the butter soft feel of it as well.XX

I also took it from day to night.
jacket:H&M, skirt: Zara, tights: Asos



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