Chilly afternoon.

The Canon SLR has worked its magic today, though we're still figuring out all of it's functions and possibilities. I wore my shiny F21 blazer with a vintage denim shirt and UO skirt. I was looking for something sparkling for dressing up or down, and decided to omit senquins then just happened to encounter this blazer realizing it's the ideal subtle, shiny yet playful piece. The weather has been wonderful this week, I take advantage of it for the ability to layer and actually wear my blazers and jackets, before it returns to being hot and humid again. The holiday spirit is crawling into me more and more every day, building up the excitement for holidays, winter break and the year 2011. Also got a little something in the mail, expect more outfit post this week!


  1. Great outfit and you don't have any snow! So jealous.

    Maryjane xoxo

  2. But I would really prefer to live somewhere where it snows over summer all year long!

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  4. Thank you, Juliett, I appriciate your kind words I will most definitely stop by your blog.