It was about time.

I had my eye on this Silence & Noise blazer for a while, anticipating for the camel color to be restocked and finally, I managed to order it. The shoes, are the closest I will probably ever get to liking the clog style. Although the backless style is not something I would typically pursue, the style of these is perfect. Also recieved a pair of vintage Levi's cutoffs, but was dissapointed to realize that I underestimated my size. As you see my collection of camel colored pieces is adding up, but it is a pleasant shade somewhere near nude, a perpetual it-color. With my last exam out of the way, I'am finally done for the semster, and more than ready to begin my winter break!XX


  1. Oooh, I see why you've had your eyes on the blazer. It's so fabulous!

  2. It really is, can't wait to wear it!

  3. surprisingly they're very comfortable too!