Camel skirt and leather jacket.

A bit of a pause after the first post. I was hoping to get a hold of my Canon SLR, before making any outfit posts. However, I have only gotten a hold of right now as I type, and by a few test shots I did indoors I can already see a huge difference between my SLR and point and shoot. The weather here is quiet chilly, for a change,and I'am fully enjoying it.
I wore my new Zara skirt, which I'am particularly fond of. The camel color, the style, the fabric that doesn't wrinkle, I already thought of at least 10 other ways to wear it. The jacket which I have bought last Spring, out of season and on sale, doubting whether it would be revelent around this time but I'am however still very much into it and the butter soft feel of it as well.XX

I also took it from day to night.
jacket:H&M, skirt: Zara, tights: Asos


  1. I'm planning on getting a Canon SLR in the next few months...I think having a nice camera is really the difference between a nice blog and a so-so blog.

  2. Agreed, I've been playing around with mine and it's fantastic, and looking at photos in this post, I'll never pick up the point and shoot again :)