The coat

After anticipating for quiet a while for the temperatures to drop so I can put this baby to use, it finally occurred. The H&M coat gets a lot of stares, and a fraction of those are followed by compliments. Since I've purchased it back in august and only now has the time come, I cannot stop wearing it. I have also realized that it actually looks much better unbelted, the form is flattering as it is and the lack of belt gives it a more effortless/minimal feel. The belt adds a touch of feminine elegance but I happen to fancy the art of effortless. As for more northern locations, it's probably not thick enough to withstand the weather unless you layer it properly with something warm underneath, I guess I'll have to test it out next week on a trip to NY.


  1. the coat is simply gorgeous...it deserves all those stares...!!!!

  2. this coat is just lovely!
    adorable shoes:)