Subtropical Winter

Since the Lanvin for H&M collection came out a little before this blog, I should tell you how my rampage for the desired pieces went. It was saturday, and surely I ignored my alarm clock which was supposed to make me be there on time before H&M opened (at 10AM). I woke up late, got ready pretty fast and got there around 12. Fortunetly I managed to get a hold of 2 of the 3 items which I really wanted from the lookbook. The skirt was the last one hanging there and when I grabbed it to try in the fitting room I prayed that I would be able to squeeze into a size 2. Somehow (and I have no clue how), it did! What I also got was the tuxedo blazer which is yet to be photographed. I have also glimpsed the collection on ebay, the sky high prices of every item broke my heart. I kind of wish I had also gotten the orange ruffle dress, had I made the wise decision not to oversleep.
The outfit, is a mixture of textures within the same color palette as you see. Whimsical, light beige skirt with a plain white tee and a light brown sweater. I admit that lately I've been pretty much living in these tights and really need new ones. Hope everyone's winter and festivites are going well! XX


  1. отличный лук:)Вы красавица)


  2. спасибо большое!)